John E. Reid Online Training


A seven part online training program was specifically designed for a wide variety of investigators, including law enforcement, government (both investigative and regulatory agencies) and the private sector.

This online program will provide you with a solid foundation in The Reid Technique – which is widely considered to be the most effective interview and interrogation process in the world. In this program the investigator will learn the core elements of The Reid Technique, which include how to structure the investigative interview utilizing both investigative and behavior provoking questions; how to assess the credibility of the information provided by a subject during the interview process; and the Reid Nine Steps of Interrogation. The investigator will be provided with specific references to additional resource material in each of the program segments. This seven part program not only will familiarize the investigator with The Reid Technique, but will give the investigator a solid foundation of interviewing and interrogation skills for future investigations.

The program is not a live webinar but is delivered as a PowerPoint presentation with voice over, interspersed with video clips to illustrate the material. Each part comes with a handout that is designed for note taking to enhance the learning experience, and includes a review of the material covered in each individual program.  The handout is a pdf that you will download from the program website.

All Canadian Private Investigators Resource Center members receive discounts on Reid courses. CPIRC members who need their Reid discount code please contact us at

DISCOUNT PRICE – $80 per user

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