Is it the End For the Monolithic Tax Haven?

Tax havens have been catering to the super wealthy, dictators, terrorist groups, organized crime and legitimate corporations for centuries.
It is perfectly legal to open a company and/or bank account in an offshore tax haven as long as your country of origin is aware of it and you pay your taxes.
Legal issues arise when…

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How to Gain Employment as a Private Investigator

One of the biggest questions we get being Ontario’s largest training provider is “how do I apply for a job once I complete my private investigator training course?” When you are joining a new industry, it’s best to focus on…

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Ponzi Scheme

The term Ponzi Scheme was brought to the forefront in 2009 when Bernie Madoff admitted to committing the largest fraud in U.S. history and sentence to 150 years in prison for stealing $65 billion from thousands of investors. The Ponzi Scheme is named after a con artist who lived in the early 20th century. Although the Ponzi scheme carries his name…

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