The Council of Professional Investigators Ontario Announces New Professional Designations

James Winter, Director of Professional Development for the Council of Professional Investigators Ontario announced at the CPIO Annual General Meeting in November that for the first time in Canada professional designations are being made available to private investigators.  James unveiled the CPIOs three-tier designations which will allow less experienced licensed private investigators as well as seasoned professionals to take part in the program.  

The designations will act as a testament to colleagues, clients and the general public that the designations holder is a trained and experienced professional who is held to a higher standard than investigators who are not certified.  

Until the end of December 2021 the CPIO is offering to grant the designations to qualified Ontario private investigators through the streamlined grandfathering procedure.  Applications for the grandfathered designations must be made prior to midnight December 31, 2021.   Any applicants for the designations on January 1, 2022 or thereafter will be required to comply with the requirements of the normal application process.

There are no additional fees for the designations, however, CPIO membership must be maintained.  

For additional information and the requirements for obtaining the designations, please visit the Council of Professional Investigators Ontario website: or email James Winter:

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