Who are we?

The Canadian Private Investigators’ Resource Center was formed in 1999 and quickly became Canada’s premiere referral service for Canadian and international clients looking for private investigators in Canada, United States and world-wide.


CPIRC.com is dedicated to the following:

Ensuring that potential clients are referred to the private investigation agency which offers the desired service and location.

Creating and maintaining the largest Canadian online investigative resource center which contains thousands of investigative open-source information. These are continuously updated, saving hours of research time and, in turn saving clients’ hours of research costs.

"More than 80 percent of intelligence is obtained from open sources."
Allen W. Dulles, The longest serving director (1953-1961) of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A)


Creating partnerships with companies that can offer our members discounts on everything from surveillance and investigation training, surveillance equipment and vehicle rentals; creating the ultimate one-stop-shop for private sector investigators.  If the investigators can save time and money then the clients will gain from these savings.

CPIRC.com believes that raising the standard of this rapidly growing industry, can only be achieved by promoting ethical business practices and ensuring that all newcomers are properly educated in the theoretical and practical aspects of private sector investigations.

*All our private investigation agency members are fully licensed by their respective provincial licensing bureaus.

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