When commencing any investigation the first step is accessing free open-source resource information. Allen W. Dulles, The longest serving director (1953-1961) of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A) was quoted in saying "More than 80 percent of intelligence is obtained from open sources." 

Since 1999, we have compiled thousands of free open-source investigative intelligence all on one site. We continue to add new resource frequently .  As a member, you have unlimited, 24/7, access to the resource center. There are no additional fees, no cost per use, your annual membership includes everything!

What Kind of Free Open-Source Investigative Resources Will You Find In the Resource Center?

  • Canadian, U.S. & International phone directories with reverse lookups.
  • Find out whether a phone number belongs to a mobile phone or a landline and who the carrier is.
  • Download a free copy of the CIA World Factbook.
  • Access to bankruptcies and proposals filed in Canada from 1978 to date.
  • Access land title, property assessment, & personal property databases.
  • Conduct business name registry searches.
  • World-wide competitive intelligence resources.
  • Learn more about organized crime, street gangs, extremist groups.
  • Access The Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) Database of over 185,000 Stolen Vehicles and 485,000 Articles.
  • Learn about crime scene investigations, crime scene interpretation, how to protect a crime scene, latent print examination, taking measurements of tire marks, and tons of other forensic resources.
  • Stay up-to-date with the security and intelligence community.
  • Cemetery and death records along with Canadian, U.S. & international genealogy resources.
  • Civil and criminal records across Canada.
  • Civil aircraft registry & certified pilot database.
  • Use a vehicle's identification number (VIN) to search a vehicle's history.
  • Canadian & world-wide satellite photos.
  • Access to thousands of newspapers in Canada & world-wide.
  • Search unclaimed Canadian bank accounts & dormant Swiss accounts.
  • Access Canadian government databases.
  • Download free Investigative Software & Publications.
  • Advance intelligence for protection details.



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