Surveillance Technique Courses

The Canadian Private Investigators Resource Center is proud to announce that we will be offering Surveillance Techniques courses in the Montreal & Ottawa area in 2017. Date to be determined. Stay tuned!

The art of Surveillance requires that surveillance agents are capable of adapting to ever changing situations and be able to operate in many different environments.

Ask the Montreal Private Investigator (Part 2)

One of the more common misconceptions about private investigators is the access to information. Many believe that Montreal private investigators have access to privileged information.


In part 2 of this multi-part series, “Access to Information” we’ll be exploring the most commonly asked questions we get as Montreal private Investigators and investigators across Canada related to collecting information.

Ask The Montreal Private Investigator (Part 1)

When first-time clients contact us our priority is to listen to their issues and concerns then offer solutions to their situation. Often times we come across preconceived notions on how Montreal Private Investigators conduct investigations.

This is part 1 of a multi-part series covering the most commonly asked questions we get as private Investigators in Montreal and across Canada.


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2016 Training Institute for Workplace Investigators

May 2-6, 2016 ♦ Ontario, Canada

An intensive, five-day course
leading to a Certificate of Completion!


In keeping with our mission to promote and enhance the quality of impartial workplace investigations, in 2016 we are presenting two sessions of our national-level, intensive Training Institute for Workplace Investigators. Upon completion of this challenging program, AWI will certify that the participant has completed what is becoming the gold standard for training in our industry. Class size will be limited so every participant will have personalized, hands-on training from the Institute’s experienced faculty.

We have priced this Institute to make it affordable to our members and other workplace investigators. Tuition includes continental breakfast, lunch, breaks, and the Thursday banquet.


Curriculum Includes

  • Understanding the legal framework
  • Human rights statutes, occupational health and safety laws and arbitral jurisprudence relating to harassment
  • Analyzing claims, defining the issues and scope, planning the investigation, and privacy issues
  • Ethical issues for attorneys, private investigators, and internal investigators
  • Non-human rights based harassment, bullying, and employer respectful workplace policies and procedural guidelines
  • Understanding and avoiding bias in investigations
  • Interviewing and dealing with difficult witnesses
  • Determining credibility
  • Full day small group mock investigation with one faculty per six students
  • Report writing, including individual feedback on written findings based on mock investigation
  • Threat assessments and how they differ from other investigations
  • Working with representatives and unions
  • Evidence, including electronic evidence issues in investigations and the investigator's office
  • How investigations are attacked and defended



Kevin Calder - K Calder & Associates
Amy Oppenheimer - Law Offices of Amy Oppenheimer
Keith Rohman - Public Interest Investigations, Inc.
Vida Thomas - Weintraub Tobin
Jeremy Eaves - DaVita Inc.
Pamela Clarke - Pamela M Clarke
Elizabeth Gramigna - Elizabeth Watson Garmigna, P.C.
Frank Cania - Driver HR, LLC
Monica Jeffrey - JMJ Workplace Investigations Law LLP
Emily Kaufer - Air Canada
Cate Moss - Unfor Local 2002
Judy Mims - Microsoft


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